Gotham City Set


Batman, The Joker, Bruce Wayne


Imagine a world of action and excitement where you decide what happens next! This time, it's a trip to Gotham City with The Joker and Bruce Wayne. There's a working elevator that reveals a Bat Emblem when the figure reaches the top of the tower, a bank with a blast-through wall(just turn a figures on the disk!) that gives you an entry into Wayne Tower, a jail cell( for The Joker, of course!) and lots more! Includes play set with foldout stairs, launcher with projectile, The Joker and Bruce Wayne figures with accessories to turn him into Batman. Whatever world you travel to, it's a whole now adventure every time you play!


Places(on set)Edit

  • Gotham Bank
  • Joker Cell
  • Wayne Tower
  • Police Station(cell behide the set)